A Stepdaughter’s Diaper Punishment Part 1: The Spanking


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Step-Mommy Epiphany is shocked to learn that her step-daughter, TS Cottontail has been posting HIGHLY inappropriate photos of herself all over the internet! Step-Mommy is very upset and scolds Cottontail as she strips her out of her big girl clothes. She is not going to tolerate this kind of behavior under her roof! Cottontail is turned over the knee for a handspanking on Step-Mommy’s lap. She whines and squirms as Epiphany warns her, saying “Just wait until your Step-Father gets home!”. Her diaper discipline punishment is just beginning, and this spanking is far from over!

As Step-Daddy Alex arrives home, he overhears the unmistakable sound of a girl who has earned herself a spanking. Step-Mommy Epiphany explains what Cottontail has been up to, and Alex is not pleased. He takes Cottontail over the knee once again as Step-Mommy hands him the dreaded hairbrush! He spanks her thoroughly as Epiphany begins to bring over the supplies needed to properly diaper and regress this unruly girl.

TS Cottontail receives ten belt swats and is laid down on the floor for Step-Mommy to lock her naughty girl cock away into a pink chastity cage, something she clearly cannot be trusted with. Cottontail is then taped into a thick diaper, as her panty privileges have been revoked! She is then put into a petticoat and a pink frilly sissy baby dress, and sent to her room. Her punishment for being such a slut means a visit from Step-Mommy AND Step-Daddy tonight, as they show her what it means to be a slut in Part 2: The Fucking, which can be purchased from Miss Epiphany ABDL here on C4S!

17 minutes



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