* 854x480p * A Tiny Pervert Gets Giantess Karma *Part 2* – Mp4


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In Part 2 of this Giantess Custom video available as both a part download and Full version which can be found here: A Tiny Pervert Gets Giantess Karma *Full Version* – Mp4
 I am wearing an adorable short skirt that is all to easy to see right up when you are a tiny man the size of a crumb! you I suspect you purposefully shrunk yourself just to be a little pervert but you tell me you were born this way and that you are just trying to make the best of things. i suppose i believe you,,, but if i find out you were lying, there will be hell to pay little mister! Seeing as i am a compassionate woman, i decide to put on a little, or rather a GIANT show for you;) I slip my hand down into my panties and let you watch as i play with myself RIGHT ABOVE YOU! Then i slip off my panties so you can get an even better view 😉 Once my panties are off, i begin stroking my pussy until i cum for you…but thats when things take a turn for the worse, for you at least….I, I didnt mean to do it. but,,I just, I I .. 
Well, how about you just Cum play with me little fella, then you can find out what happens for yourself!

11 minutes



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