28 Days of BNWO | Reparation Day 4


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For the next 28 Days of February you will be getting on your hands and knees daily to relinquish your undeserved white wealth, spread yourself thin to right the wrongs of your own past transgressions, systematic injustices and inequalities that your ancestors put in place. It’s time for you to be put in your place now, white bitch. Submit your white wealth and embrace denial and suffering for the Black New World Order. Denounce your fragile self inflated ego. I want to brutally break you down day by day and mold you into the little subbie cuckie white bitch that begs to be put in their place and Black-Owned forever. No excuses, no pussy, no hesitation for your devotion to the Black New World Order and Black Female Supremacy! The paler the complexion, the more you owe white bitch.

Purchase every single clip, fulfill every fucking order and instruction with gratitude for your Black Goddess. It is a privilege to have your inferior white existence repurposed to serve something far greater, more divine, and more powerful than your pathetic white orgasm. white betas will always be in debt to Me solely based on their innate inferiority! With the United States Government consistently putting into place systematic injustices and upholding racist rhetoric to hinder Black Americans from wealth-building opportunities and equal treatments; it’s time for your white ass to get to work alleviating that wealth gap between Black and white Americans, redistribute your wealth, and Send. More. Reparations!

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